An artist's inspiration: Anna Wallace enters the rabbit hole

Third Friday Art Walk in Durham at The Carrack Modern Art for Anthony Patterson's "Full Circle."

What inspires an artist? In this series, creative people in the Triangle answer that question to offer a better understanding of why they create the work they do.

During her sophomore year of college, ceramic artist Anna Wallace found a passion for the tea cup and saucer in her first ceramics classes. After she made a couple dozen pieces, a friend took photos of her and the finished works.

After seeing the photos, her friends instantly recognized the influence of “Alice In Wonderland” in her work, even if Wallace couldn’t. “I didn’t see it at first,” she says. “Everyone else saw it.”

Once she read the story again and took a children’s literature course during her senior year, she had an epiphany: “I am Alice; I totally get all this,” Wallace recalls. “I’m down the rabbit hole.”

This, along with visits to Parisian cafes during trips to France, helped provide her inspiration.

Wallace worked with photographer Alexandrea Thomsen to offer glimpses into her magical world down the rabbit hole: her art studio and workspace in Durham.

Click on the images below to read more of what inspires Wallace and why.

Photos by Alexandrea Thomsen


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