Boone artist Jody Servon wants you to become the art

A guest participates in "Our Top 100" at SECCA in Winston Salem in 2015. // Photo by Dhanraj Emanuel.

Interactive exhibition at Artspace in Raleigh offers viewers the opportunity to be part of the art

Want to be the art? Now is the time. Artspace’s PNC Pop In Artist in Residence Jody Servon asks, “Do You Have a Moment?” in her exhibition of participatory works in the Upfront Gallery. Join the fun during First Friday.

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Servon’s interactive projects are realized through people rather than materials. She has created public experiences, each serving as platform for public exchange, democratic interactions and introspection.

“Our Top 100” — Servon creates a playlist of collected songs that hold precious memories in a community. Participants receive cards to describe the memories in the song. The cards are then hung for others to read and the songs are uploaded to a playlist that will be heard in the gallery. Three cities have such: Orlando, Winston-Salem and Boone.

“Saved: Objects of the Dead” — In collaboration with poet Lorene Delany-Ullman, Servon explores the dichotomy between memory and loss. This online project allows people to pay homage to their deceased loved ones. Both artists invited people to contribute physical objects, mementos and heirlooms for those lost. Servon uses this experience as means to consider how memories transfer into ordinary objects. Want to participate? Photograph your item, then share your photo and a short description of why this item is special to you on the Saved Objects Facebook page, or on Instagram using the hashtag #savedobjects, or email to

“Dreams for Free” — Do you dream? Servon asks participants to describe what they would do if they won the next lottery jackpot. On July 20, at the downtown Raleigh farmer’s market, 50 people wrote down their dreams in exchange for lottery tickets with a 15 million dollar prize. Flip through their dreams posted on the wall or read more dreams at

So, do you have a moment? Experience how participation in art establishes a personal connection and emotional acknowledgement.

Jody Servon lives in Boone, where she is a professor and the Sharpe Chair of Fine and Applied Arts at Appalachian State University.


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