Rainbow Dance Company takes a new approach for 37th Annual Spring Concert

Rainbow Dance Company. Photos courtesy of Matt Kesterson.

Raleigh’s Rainbow Dance Company, a multigenerational dance troupe hosted by nonprofit arts school Arts Together, will celebrate its 37th anniversary with a spring concert March 3 and 4.

The modern dance company consists of 45 performers ages 9 through 60-plus who have demonstrated a passion for creating, collaborating and performing. Rainbow is the only dance company of its kind in the state, wherein a 10-year-old can comfortably and confidently provide feedback on the work of a 50-year-old.

“It’s really quite amazing to see a really young dancer, and then a graying dancer dance together on an even plane,” said Carly Jones, director of communications and development at Arts Together.

Rainbow Dance Company.

Dancers are invited to the troupe after evaluation in Arts Together’s other dance classes for kids and adults. The company’s collaborative style enables dancers of all ages to have input in their performance, from concept to movement. They take technique and repertory classes weekly.

The spring concert’s theme, “Be the Change,” speaks to our country’s social climate. It’s the first time Rainbow has given a theme to its show, which company director Kathryn Auman said was unplanned but came quite naturally to the choreographers.

“Last summer, we all had a similar idea about what was happening in the world and reflecting it in our dances,” Auman said. “We’ve never done that before, where we all have a pretty similar concept. We decided we needed to go out and do something, and through art we can do that.”

Each of the six dances showcased has different themes. “Good Will,” choreographed by Michelle Pearson and the dancers, explores the concept of what defines goodness, with themes like “good grief” and “good luck.” Another piece by Glenda Mackie and the dancers called “Tactile” explores society’s loss of human contact through digital devices and social media. “Minding the Subtext” by Megan Mazarick explores stereotypes and expectations society places on women, as well as the ones women place on themselves.

“Nina Simone has this quote: ‘An artist should be a reflection of the times,'” said Jones. “I think that all of the artists that are involved with Rainbow Dance Company naturally came to that conclusion, especially right now when we have so much going on in the world, and so much change going on in our country. Dance and the arts in general can be such a powerful tool, and can communicate in ways that nothing else really can.”

Two performances will be held this weekend, one on Friday, March 3 and one Saturday, March 4. Both will be held at Cary Academy. You can purchase tickets, become a sponsor or make a donation here.

Rainbow Dance Company Spring Concert
When: Friday, March 3 and Saturday, March 4
Where: Cary Academy, 1500 N Harrison Ave, Cary
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