Video + photo recap: Envision St. Agnes event

Video by Beaumonde. Photos by Caroline Cockrell.

Here’s a short video and photo recap of the Envision St. Agnes event at St. Augustine’s University in Raleigh on April 8. The day was filled with creative expression by local artists and a history lesson by Ms. Irene Clark about the hospital that opened in 1896.

In 1953, writer Margaret Haywood took a look at the history of the then-57-year-old institution. Here’s a snippet from that article about the historic hospital:

St. Agnes was founded on hard work, great faith, love and $1,100, through Mrs. A. B. Hunter and the Rev. A. B. Hunter. This couple came from Philadelphia to Raleigh in 1888 so that Rev. Hunter could accept the Theology post at St. Augustine’s School. The Hunters saw the need for a medical center for the Negroes and resolved to start one.

Read the fill piece here.

Video by Beaumonde. Photos by Caroline Cockrell.


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