Is Austin more ‘sports-crazed’ than Raleigh? Men’s Health says yes.

N.C. State fans // Photo by Ethan Hyman

Raleigh was named one of nation’s most sports-crazed cities, and not just because of spectators. There’s options to watch sporting events but folks can participate in them, too.

Those factors helped land Raleigh the No. 3 rank in the Men’s Health list of Sportiest Cities in AmericaAaron Moody wrote about the list, which cited a couple of reasons for the rank being the Carolina Hurricanes’ presence and N.C. State’s athletic teams. (Wolfpack fans put in work.)

The Oak City is behind No. 1 Austin, and Anchorage, which is at No. 2 on the list.  (Yes, Anchorage. In Alaska. 🤔)

Charlotte is No. 15; Durham is No. 30.

What do you think? Is Austin more sports-crazed than Raleigh? Take our poll.


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