Snow in Raleigh in March and April? Yep, and it’s not as rare as you might think.

About the video above: One year ago, it snowed in the Triangle, a light morning dusting that melted away by afternoon. Forecasts call for snow this afternoon, one year later. //  John Hansen

Whether you find it exciting or frustrating to see snow falling on the daffodils, it’s not that unusual here.

From a trace to 10 inches of snow has fallen in Raleigh in March or April at least 17 times since 1960. Three of those events were on March 12.

That’s eight days from the start of spring.

One of those, from March 12-14, 1993, remains in the NCSU climate database as “The Storm of the Century.” That was primarily a Western North Carolina event, with more than 4 feet of snow in some places, winds of 101 mph on Flat Top Mountain and snow drifts of up to 21 feet reported.

Raleigh received less than an inch of snow in that storm.

Nine deaths statewide were attributed to the event.

Raleigh also got about a half-inch of snow a year ago, on March 12, 2017. And it got 2.6 inches on March 12, 1914.

The National Weather Service says Raleigh has seen snowfall as late as April at least 16 times since 1893.

Snowfall recorded in March or April in Raleigh since 1960:

March 3, 1960: 6.9 inches

March 1-2, 1969: 7 inches

March 25-26, 1972: 3 inches

March 26, 1971: 5 inches

March 25, 1974: 3 inches

March 1-2, 1980: 10 inches

March 22, 1981: trace

March 24-25, 1983: 5 inches

March 12-14, 1993: 1 inch

March 16-17, 2005: 0.5 inch

March 1-2, 2009: 2 inches

March 3, 2010: 2-3 inches

March 28, 2011: trace

March 3, 2014: 0.2 inches

March 6-7, 2014: trace

March 17-18, 2014: 0.1 inches

March 12, 2017: 0.5 inches



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