Follow U.S. 70 until it dead-ends to eat at White Point Take-Out. And watch for egrets.

Jason Gillikin picks up food at White Point Take-Out in Atlantic, N.C. // Photo by Robert Willett.

To enjoy the soft crab sandwich at White Point Take-Out, you’ve got to follow U.S. 70 so far that it dead-ends in the Core Sound marsh — a spot so remote that egrets fish along the highway’s shoulder and boats outnumber cars.

The pilgrimage from Raleigh will consume an entire day, but the chance to eat a locally caught crustacean slathered in slaw, its deep-fried legs protruding from the bun, costing less than a fast-food sub, is worth a tank of gas.

Find out what else you can get from White Point Take-Out, like crabs and shrimp from water to bun. And find more places in North Carolina to explore.

If you go to White Point Take-Out

White Point Take-Out can be found at 101 Core Sound Loop extension in Atlantic, not far from Cedar Island in eastern Carteret County. To reach the town from Raleigh, follow U.S. 70 as far east as it goes. Open weekdays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

On the menu:

  • Soft-shell crab sandwich, caught locally and kept in the peeler shed behind the restaurant until the crabs lose their hard shells. Served on a bun with slaw and other extras. $5.95.
  • Crab cake sandwich, made in-house from crab picked in Washington, N.C. $4.95
  • Shrimp burger, caught locally by a boat visible from the picnic table dining area. $4.75.
  • Sides include okra, hush puppies and clam strips.


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