Food Truck Review: American Meltdown’s sandwiches a hard habit to break

The Cubano sandwich (smoked pork, house-made pickles, Swiss cheese, ham, roasted red peppers and Dijon) from American Meltdown.Juli Leonard

Every month, within hours of my food truck review coming out, I can count on getting some variation of this question in my inbox from at least one or two readers: “Where is the food truck located?”

I direct them to the truck’s website and Twitter feed, where veteran food truck fans know they can find the answer to that question.

Call me a slow learner, but it only took me a year’s worth of these email exchanges to realize there are a lot of people who are new to the food truck scene.

Boy, do I have the perfect food truck for them.

American Meltdown, which first hit the road in 2012, specializes in the quintessential comfort food between two slices of bread: grilled cheese sandwiches.

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