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Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Triangle Today, an entertainment destination website and twice-weekly publication connecting local seekers with things to do, places to explore and who to know in the Triangle.

If you’re new to the Triangle, welcome. Thanks for joining our community of like-minded passionate people who value art, culture, food, active living, events, travel and positive influencers making a difference in our cities.

What do we do?

Triangle Today’s mission is to provide meaningful storytelling and insightful need-to-know information to help locals enjoy life from every angle, today and every day.

Who cares?

Our local audience of newcomers, art lovers, foodies, explorers, active living enthusiasts, shoppers, event goers and more, that’s who.

What makes us special?

We are a group of local storytellers, information gatherers and digital strategists. We use local search and social engagement data to make sure we’re connecting our seekers with meaningful moments that matter most — which means we know it’s in high-demand and very shareable.

Triangle Today includes original content and curated stories from our storytelling portfolio featuring The News & Observer, The Herald-Sun, ArtsNow, College Town, The Recipe, The Menu, The Dome and other engaging journalism from our parent company, McClatchy.

We are also proud to work with a host of local contributors and influencers with independent voices looking to connect with broader audiences.

Want to connect with our seekers?

Triangle Today reaches more than 600,000 seekers multiple times a week and in multiple ways. We reach our seekers with regular storytelling and information sharing on our site, our social media, our e-newsletters and our twice-weekly print editions.

In addition, we have the benefit of amplifying our content to connect with broader audiences by cross-sharing it with our favorite local content makers at The News & Observer, The Herald-Sun and Walter magazine.

Our team also loves working with brands looking for local advertising solutions.

Want more details on pricing?

The Brand Strategy team at Triangle Today works really hard to connect our seekers with brands that offer value, quality and share similar interests.

Our focused Partner opportunities are limited. We believe it is important to only work with a handful of Partners because they require deep involvement from all members of our team — creative direction, programming, content development, video storytelling, digital strategy, partnerships account management, brand synergy and fulfillment.

We want to make sure it’s a win-win for all of us, so let’s explore how your brand can connect with our seekers.

Here are a few of our basic pricing expectations:

  • Brand Strategy Partnerships:  Starting at $50k/yr
  • Meaningful Moments Campaigns:  Starting at $10k/mo
  • Custom Micro-Moments Campaign (2 weeks):  Starting at $5k

Let us build a custom strategy for your brand.

For more details about our Focused Partnership opportunities, please directly contact Kaki Berkeley, Partnerships Account Manager at 919-836-5997 or email kberkeley@nando.com.

Non-Partner Display Moments

Our debut pricing is for a limited time only and has limited inventory available. 

7-Day Display Moments- Mon-Sun

  • 728×90 Banner: Homepage $815 | Run-of-Site $650 | Non-Sponsored Section Front $485
  • 300×250 Banner: Homepage $530 | Run-of-Site $425 | Non-Sponsored Section Front $320
  • 300×600 Banner: Homepage $655 | Run-of-Site $525 | Non-Sponsored Section Front 395




Specialty Activations— 7 days Monday through Sunday

  • 24-Hour Takeover (Sliding Billboard, Floating Floorboard): Home Page $1,875 | Non-Sponsored Section Fronts $1,400
  • Connection Drivers  $200 per
  • Interactive Ads  $2,400
  • Gravity Units/Video Takeover  $10,000
  • Video Stories  $2,500
  • Editorial (Trend Article)  $750
  • Contests  $1,000


Enhance your brand dominance in the marketplace with weekly connections in print every Wednesday and Sunday.  A great way to reach the doorsteps of the Triangle with local advertising. 


Print Editions Rates


Distributed to more than 480,000 households featuring food, drinks, weekend entertainment, health and more. 

  • Front Page Ad Strip  $2,500
  • Full Page  $3,500
  • Half Page  $1,750
  • Quarter Page  $950
  • Back Page  $4,000*


Distributed to more than 460,000 households featuring arts, events, local profiles, kids activities and more. 

  • Front Page Ad Strip  $2,500
  • Full Page  $3,500
  • Half Page  $1,750
  • Quarter Page  $950
  • Back Page  $4,000*

*Back page includes (1) 24-Hour Takeover Ad unit per insertion- Ask for more details

Dollar-Volume discounts available – Ask for more details


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