More than just water scenes for Angie Sinclair

Angie Sinclair stands in her studio at Acme Art Studios in Wilmington. // Photos by Lindy Schoenborn.

The Wilmington artist’s love for water translates swimmingly onto canvas

Summers spent relaxing in water are inspirational, at least for Angie Sinclair. She and her husband split their time between Wilmington and Las Vegas, and the summers in the Port City provide her an opportunity to study water and how the body reacts to it.

Sinclair’s water series start with photographs.

The New York native has earned a wave of recognition from her water series. Recently, she won first place for “Water Goddesses” in an exhibition through the Women’s Art Guild in Wilmington.

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In the water series, painted canvases feature crisp blue-hued scenes of people skimming along water’s reflective surfaces. Hints of reflective colors skim across the canvas and cling close to the figures.

Most of her inspiration stems from years of watching her kids swim playfully and competitively. Sinclair was mesmerized by how water mystifies a body and captivated by the interaction between water, body and light.

Sinclair attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and was immersed in the fashion world at a young age, being around her mother’s fashion business. That love for fashion led her to see how textiles provide an added visual stimulation in the water paintings. She goes on thrift store hunts in search of delicate textiles that showcase the body in water. Sinclair found that some textiles add a playful element to the interaction with the water.

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She had to find a way to capture images of what she noticed, so Sinclair began to take photos of what she saw. “I’m aiming for more of an impressionistic interpretation of the photographs,” she says. “I concentrate on the body and the water; I don’t have a lot of other things going on in the scene. I want it to be an immersion into that specific moment.”_MG_7221_MG_7221

Sinclair looks at the image and starts the initial sketch.
Sinclair looks at the image and starts the initial sketch.

Sinclair describes the current state of her career as uncomplicated and productive. As her vision manifests, she’s recruiting new models to her expanding water series and plans on incorporating specific objects like swimming caps and vintage bathing suits.

“Reflections,” an exhibition opening July 22 at New Elements Gallery, will feature Sinclair’s water series along with abstract paintings by Durham-based artist Lisa Creed. The reception will be part of Wilmington’s Fourth Friday gallery walk.

The next time you’re in water, consider the moment. Consider the colors that surround you. Consider the reflection of a relaxed state. Consider how Sinclair would project the moment through paint and canvas.

“Reflections,” work by Lisa Creed and Angie Sinclair
New Elements Gallery, 201 Princess St., Wilmington
Fourth Friday reception: July 22, 6 to 9 p.m.; on view until August 20


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