The Carrack issues a call for artists for 'MEZCLA'

The Carrack Modern Art and artist Claudia Corletto invite artist submissions for a new exhibit this spring called “MEZCLA.”

Claudia Corletto. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Myers of Sweet Life Studios.

“MEZCLA” — which is translated as “mixture” in english — asks visual artists of Hispanic or Latino descent to submit works that reflect their cultural narrative for the juried group show, on display March 15 to 26.

“It’s very cute for some of these spaces to pay homage to magical realism in Latin America, but enough already. We exist, we’re here and we drive this country,” Corletto says of the show.

Corletto — who is also an arts educator — says the goal for “MEZCLA” is to reclaim the Latino narrative.

“There isn’t one way to be Hispanic or Latino,” she says. “The Carrack is a good space to open up a dialogue, and for artists to express who they are, and how they became who they are.”

Generally, Corletto noticed, there is a lack of minority representation in galleries. “If they are showing people of color, it has to be through this really sad liberal lens,” she says.

But “MEZCLA” is far from being a political statement. It is a celebration of the Latino artist community in the Triangle, and hopefully a place to share the work of artists who haven’t found an appropriate place to share their work.

A second iteration of “MEZCLA” will show at Visual Art Exchange this summer. Corletto says she is also open to partnering with artists to share the exhibit in sister cities.

Works of drawing, sculpture, video, installation and more are welcome for submission.

The opening reception of “MEZCLA” will be on Third Friday in March.

Submissions are due Feb. 22. View The Carrack’s call to artists here.


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