ICYMI: Highlights from First Friday in Raleigh

"Precarious Edifices" at Block Gallery featured artwork by Ashlynn Browning and Chieko Murasugi."Precarious Edifices" at Block Gallery.

The June First Friday Art Walk in Raleigh featured Snow White covered in tattoos, a Grammy-winning DJ and conversations interpreted through plexiglass, metal, glass and vinyl. Yeah, it was a good night.

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Dorian Lynde’s “No Damsel” at CAM Raleigh had Instagram buzzing. Lynde, who is based in Los Angeles, presents Disney characters like you’ve never seen, like Snow White as a tattoo-covered boxer. In a recent interview, Lynde told us that she doped the images would inspire women. “My wall paintings portray alternative identities for women that aren’t one dimensional, regressive or reductive and are impossible to ignore,” she said.

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“No Damsel” is up through August 6.

COR Museum at Google Fiber

The team at Google Fiber is continuing to work on integrating the space into the First Friday flow. This month, the COR Museum activated the space to showcase some cool artifacts and throwback images that are tied to the history of the Google Fiber building.

Very cool to see. The event was a pop-up and one night only.

Oh, and a sorta popular Grammy-winning DJ was there. No biggie.

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Abstraction ain’t easy

“Precarious Edifices” at Block Gallery featured artwork by Ashlynn Browning and Chieko Murasugi and invites viewers to take a different look at abstraction. Make a point to stop by and see the works, which are on view through July 21.

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A few more photos…


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