Health hacks with Cory Maxwell from O2 Fitness

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Local “fitspert” Cory Maxwell, fitness director at O2 Fitness Seaboard Station, dishes lifestyle hacks for better physical and mental health — and a do-anywhere workout recipe for success.

Health hacks with Cory Maxwell.
Cory Maxwell. // Photo courtesy of Cory Maxwell.

Hack #1: Be prepared

Always keep a bag stocked in the car for the gym (clothes, shoes, socks, towel, etc.). And prepare food in advance so you do not make bad choices in the heat of the moment.

Hack #2: Get a dog!

This is a great accountability tool that will allow you to be active. Show your dog and yourself some love by taking nice long walks or runs.

Hack #3: Use a standing desk.

This will not only save your hips and lower back a lot of trouble, but will keep you awake with greater mental clarity throughout the work day.

Hack #4: Turn off the music.

Try listening to podcast [or] leadership speakers on your commutes. This can not only make a commute go by faster, but get you motivated for a productive day. It’s a great way to always continue learning and growing.

Recipe for health

Elevate your fitness or shake up your routine with Maxwell’s do-anywhere bodyweight workout:

  • 10 servings of squats
  • 10 servings of push-ups
  • 30 second servings of planking
  • 10 servings of lunges on each leg
  • 10 servings of cobras
  • 30 second servings of mountain climbers

Add each ingredient in the order given above and repeat two full times for your perfect dish.

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