Durham Art Guild’s ‘Art for Greater Good’ is back

Catherine Howard of Conversing Fire. // Photo by Beth Mann for Early Bird Photo.

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Ariyah April, co-chair of the Durham Art Guild Member Services Committee.

Ariyah April.

Feeling the need to clear your head? Creative blocks are often caused by feeling overwhelmed. The new year can be a time to prioritize self-care for realizing our best selves and focusing on our artistic practice. Enter the Durham Art Guild’s “Art for Inner Good” workshops, part of DAG’s “Art for Greater Good” series. In these workshops, Catherine Howard of Conversing Fire teaches new skills and sustainable practices, integrating mindfulness and yoga to keep calm and centered in your creative practice throughout 2017.

Recently, I participated in “Finding Stillness,” the first workshop of the “Art for Inner Good” series. In terms of clearing away the cobwebs, my three hours couldn’t have been better invested. Howard gave the small group participants — one of whom is a DAG member who drove all the way from Burlington — gentle mental and physical exercises that can unlock anyone’s creative presence.

There are still open spots in the final two workshops. Register for either or both online here.

Workshop 2: “Listening to the Body” — Saturday, February 18, 1 to 4 p.m.

Our bodies are deep reservoirs of wisdom and intuition. Now that we’ve learned to find stillness, we will explore several different techniques for listening to the body in the stillness. When we listen to the body, we can unravel the unconscious anxious patterns of the mind and uncover innovative (and simple) solutions for the problems and obstacles we have been facing.

Fee: $25 for current DAG members; $30 for non-members; register

Workshop 3: “Nourishing Action” — Thursday, March 16, 6 to 9 p.m.

This workshop will explore how to take what you have learned by listening to your body in the stillness back out into the world. These techniques will include maintaining your connection to your body around other people, compassionate communication, and self-care in the midst of struggle.

Fee: $25 for current DAG members and $30 for non-members; register

If you’re not already familiar with her work, Howard (RYT-500) uses yoga to illuminate the interwoven relationships between our anatomy, our emotional body, and our creative power. For a decade she has researched art-activism, yoga therapy, art therapy, Thai yoga, energetic anatomy, behavioral economics, and other science-based disciplines to develop a holistic understanding of how the body impacts and guides our creative processes. Howard helps everyone from private clients to retreat participants to members of creative organizations attune to what the body wants to communicate. Committed to community development, she also serves as the current executive director of Cary Visual Art. She can’t wait to hear all about your past, your present, and your vision, plus support you as you uncover the next steps on your journey. Learn more about Howard’s expertise at conversingfire.com.

“Art for Greater Good” is a series of compelling dialogues brought to you in 2016-2017 by the Durham Art Guild. Led by experts in their own artistic fields, the panels explore several timely topics, including art as activism; art as service; and art as self-care.


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