Did your favorite craft beer make the wacky name list?

One of the best things about the Triangle’s local craft beers is the wide variety of fun, creative and often weird beer names. We popped around to some local favorites and came up with our top five wackiest Triangle beer names. Do you have a favorite funky name?

Devil’s Tramping Ground (Aviator Brewery)

Between the demon on the can, the 9.2 percent alcohol by volume and the spicy kick, this beer is aptly named. The lore of the Bear Creek camping spot may spring to mind, but this strong ale is uniquely of the Triangle. If you’ve ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight, you may want to give this one a taste.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Amber (Lynnwood Brewing)

We hope that this beer inspires you to party on! Named after the 1989 classic, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Amber is a little bitter, with hints of caramel and apricot. Whether you’re enjoying a pint with a friend, cracking a bottle at home after a hard day, or traveling through time and space, be excellent to each other.

Streamside Orange Creamsicle (Neuse River Brewing)

If you loved the call of the ice cream truck on a summer day as a kid, you’ll see the appeal of Neuse River’s Streamside Orange Creamsicle. Reminiscent of a sweet, fruity popsicle, with an adult beverage twist, this sour beer is brewed with everything that made your childhood cool.

Herding Cats (Durty Bull)

No cats were harmed in the making of this next beer. Durty Bull’s tasty kvass (a Slavic style) is brewed with real sourdough bread and makes a fine addition to its Sour Series. It may be futile to attempt to drive a herd of cats, but at least you can settle down with the appropriate pint after you try.

Fake News (Gizmo Brew Works)

No matter your political affiliation, we think you’ll enjoy this last weirdly-named brew. Fake News is one of Gizmo’s year-round offerings, as of 2017. Featuring touches of peach, orange and other tropical fruits, this New England style IPA is the perfect way to soothe (or stir up) emotions during a passionate debate.



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