Feeling fruity? Five fruity beers to try for beer month.

An apple a day can keep the doctor away, but what about pineapple in your beer? Does that count? We think so! Local breweries are coming out with new, funky, fruity concoctions all the time, and we support this trend. Here are some of our Triangle favorites:

Double Tripleberry Sorcery (Bond Brothers)

Given the name, we count about six times the berry taste of an average beer! This bright red sour ale is packed with strawberry, blueberry and raspberry flavor, and is perfect for an evening on the Bond Bros. patio in Cary.

Fruitcycle (Crank Arm)

Even though spring is here, we still have a fondness in our hearts for this Winter Warmer Ale. This strong pour boasts hints of spice, orange, cherry and pineapple. It’s like a Christmas fruitcake’s liquid, more delicious, cousin.

Plum Saison Ale (Ponysaurus)

Who doesn’t love a refreshing, light, saison on a warm day? Mix in a little sweet plum flavor and perky acidity, and you’ve got this next local brew. If you’re a fan of Ponysaurus’ Fig Saison, give this tangy variation a try!

Passion Fruit Cranberry – Game Over (Barrel Culture)

We love that this American Wild Ale has an even wilder name to go with it. Orangey red, tart and a taste of something different, this bright and distinct blend enjoys living among all of Barrel Culture’s other colorful, sour beers.

Zest Is The Best (Trophy)

Gose is not a beer style we see all the time, but we always appreciate a little zest. This relatively new Triangle brew is light and fun, and packs a fruity punch. Germany would be proud!


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