Fine wines from South Italy to North Carolina

Miali winery was founded by the great-grandfather of the current owners more than 130 years ago in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy — Puglia.

Miali winery was founded by the great-grandfather of the current owners more than 130 years ago. Four generations of winemakers have worked with the winery located in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy — Puglia — the heel of the boot.
The family is an integral part of the company and the company is an integral part of the family.

Many years ago, when Michele, Francesco and Marcello Miali entered to the winery, their father, pointing to the company logo, said, “Sons, remember that this logo is not just the brand of our company, but is also the name of our family!”

Michele Miali, the eldest brother, takes care of all the marketing and the customers in Europe. Francesco Miali is the oenologist. Marcello Miali, the youngest of the three moved to US to introduce the wines in the country.

He quickly realized that a good number of amazing Italian wineries are too small to face the competitive US market. In 2012, together with three wineries from other regions, he created Wine Icons: a small group of family-owned wineries from different regions of Italy with the goal of helping each other promote their wines — Wineries of Italy Consortium (WINE ICons).

Italy is an amazing country with many little worlds inside. And all these “worlds” are different even if incredibly close one to the other. Every town has something that makes it different from the village five minutes away: weather, soil, traditions, food, dialects and of course, wines. That’s why in Italy there are 73 D.O.C.G. (Guaranteed and Controlled Origin Name) wines, 329 D.O.C. (Controlled Origin Name) wines, 119 I.G.T. (Typical Geographical Indication) wines. A total of 521 different appellations, over 1,000 different indigenous grapes and over 500,000 wineries: this is our greatest beauty.”

WINE ICons has a challenging mission: to help people around the world to discover our wines and our heritage. That’s why we are self-imported wineries from all over Italy. They are all small and family owned and focus on the indigenous grapes of their land and its terroir. We believe only if we put focus on the peculiarities of each region and of each grape, it is possible to uncover the real treasure of Italian winemaking. That’s why we organize tastings, wine dinners, workshops and any other events that can connect producers and wine lovers. Meet the wine makers, listen to their story and then taste their wine.. and if you like it, it would be like you went to the winery to grab a bottle.

Thanks to the wineries that first joined the project (Querceto di Castellina from Tuscany, Cantina Braschi from Emilia Romagna, Colli di Poianis from Friuli Venezia Giulia), Wine ICons now involves 21 small wine producers and nine distributors in 10 states in America.

The WINE ICons partner in North Carolina is Mondo Imports. A partner that shares with Cantine Miali and all the WINE ICons group the enthusiasm for good wines made by good people. Marcello Miali and Piero Potenza (president of Mondo Import) met the first time in 2012 during a trade show. The partnership started with the distribution of Cantine Miali and then expanded to almost every single wine in the Wine ICons portfolio.

It is always true: Great wines pair perfectly with great people.


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