8 things you should know about Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$.Gari Askew II

Joey Bada$$ is a throwback rapper. The member of the acclaimed hip-hop collective Pro Era is on tour behind his latest album, “All Amerikkkan Bada$$.” Social injustice and Donald Drumpf are some of the topics Bada$$ riffs throughout his ambitious sophomore effort, which is full of celebratory and cerebral raps. Bada$$, 23, will showcase the tracks Sunday at Cat’s Cradle. Arrive early to catch inventive and colorful rapper Buddy, 23 who is opening and touring behind his latest project “Ocean & Montana.”

Here are 8 things you should know about Bada$$.

1. The rapper will help his friends even if he might get kicked out of a Puff Daddy party.

Where else would Joey Bada$$ ring in the New Year but in Miami at Puff Daddy’s exclusive soiree? It was a who’s who of the music world with Halsey, Travis Scott and Future. The charismatic Bada$$ aka Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott, played the role of hero, according to Buddy.

“Puff said I got breakfast for y’all early in the morning,” Buddy recalls. “I got eggs and bacon for you. At that point, a security guard came over to kick me out because I wasn’t wearing a tuxedo, which was what we had to wear at the event. Joey came barrelling in and was screaming at the guy in his New York accent. It was so cool. I got kicked out but I have total respect for Joey trying to help me. Who else would have done that?”

2. Bada$$ and Puffy are tight.

“Me and Puff talk a lot,” Bada$$ says.” When someone like him talks, you better listen. He’s someone that motivates me. He’s inspiring. Look at what he’s accomplished. I’m just so grateful about our relationship.

3. Mac Miller is a huge fan of Bada$$.

“I think he’s amazing,” Miller says. “He just has so much talent. There’s no one like him.” Bada$$ appeared on the song “America” from the mixtape “Macadelic” and opened for Miller during a show in New York in 2012.

4. Bada$$ is well, a bada$$.

The charismatic rapper was arrested and charged with assault for allegedly breaking a security guard’s nose prior to a performance in Australia.

5. It’s all about ’90s hip-hop straight out of Bada$$’ native Brooklyn.

Bada$$ grew up on the streets of hardscrabble Brooklyn influenced by local boys made good Jay Z and the Notorious B.I.G. “That was the golden age of hip-hop,” Bada$$ says. “It doesn’t get any better than what came out of that era.”

6. Acting was the initial focus in high school for Bada$$.

“When I was starting out in high school, it was about acting but I realized that music was what was in me and I went with it,” Bada$$ says.

7. Malia Obama sported a Pro Era t-shirt.

The entire Obama family is known to possess good music taste.

8. Buddy, who is an accomplished rapper in his own right, expects to have a blast with Bada$$ while on their tour.

“I’m as pumped up for it as I am to perform at Coachella, where I’m going to see Beyonce,” Buddy says. “Hanging out with Joey is right up there with seeing Beyonce. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Joey Bada$$

Where: Cat’s Cradle, 300 E. Main Street, Carrboro
When: Sunday
Tickets: $26, $85 and $125. Show time is 9 p.m.
More information: 919-967-9053, www.catscradle.com


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