After a break from touring, New Found Glory is ready for the road

New Found Glory will play at Cat's Cradle this weekend.

Jordan Pundik is ending a five-month run as a stay at home dad. The New Found Glory singer is cutting up vegetables in the kitchen of his San Diego home while preparing for a playdate for his 7-and-4 year old children.

“We’ve never had a break for this long,” Pundik says while calling from his house. “I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying it. We did play a few shows in Japan during this break but it was a family trip. My wife, who lived in Japan, left a week before me to see friends, and then we met up. I love being home with the kids but Japan reminded me of how much I miss touring.”

Pundik, 38, and his bandmates will reacquaint themselves with the road while touring behind “Makes Me Sick.”

The punk-pop band’s ninth album was released over a year ago. However, the band failed to focus on the project since it was on its 20th anniversary tour. “We went with quite a bit of the material from the old albums since it was our anniversary tour last year,” Pundik says. “So in some ways ‘Makes Me Sick’ fell between the cracks but we’re picking it up on this tour. We put too much effort into it to let it fall by the wayside.”

The latest batch of material sounds familiar. Big hooks and soaring guitars are New Found Glory’s signature sound. The new tunes are also irreverent and humorous. “Happy Being Miserable” and “Your Jokes Aren’t Funny” are amusing and provocative.

“We like to have fun with our songs,” Pundik says. “What’s wrong with joking around? You just don’t see as many people goofing around in song anymore. But we’re all about that.”

New Found Glory, which also includes guitarist Chad Gilbert, bassist Ian Grushka and drummer Cyrus Bolooki, is comprised of friends, who met while growing up in Fort Lauderdale during the ‘90s. “Everyone in this band started out as friends and we’ve stayed friends,” Pundik says. “I think that bond is evident in the music. We all have grown up in this band and now we’re adults. It’s crazy thinking about how much we’ve grown as humans.”

Pundik is thinking about opening a coffee shop in his San Diego neighborhood. “I guess it’s about growing up,” he says. “We all get there eventually but we’re still like kids when we play out. I have so many crazy memories.”

When New Found Glory, which will perform Saturday at Cat’s Cradle, agreed to do a house party in New Jersey during its early days, Bolooki surprised his bandmates and the fans during the group’s set.

“Cyrus decided to leave the drum kit and proceeded to run and do a cannonball in the pool,” Pundik recalls. “Everybody got wet and laughed. He went back and played. We have it on video. It’s hilarious. It was all about having a good time. We’re not quite like that anymore but we’re still goofy onstage.”

Pundik believes that New Found Glory will be around for quite awhile. “I don’t see why not,” he says. “We all get along. We’re having fun and we still have a lot of music in us. I don’t see why we need to stop. We want to continue challenging ourselves. I think we’ll be around for a while, especially if we can take five months off every now and again. We’ve never had such a long break in our lives but I’m recharged and ready for the road.”

New Found Glory with Bayside, The Movielife and William Ryan Key

When: Saturday, May 19, 7:30 p.m.
Where: Cat’s Cradle, 300 E. Main street, Carrboro.
Tickets: Show is sold out. For more information, call 919-967-9053 or visit



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