Sing along with Kim Arrington at Hayti

Video by Alexandrea Lassiter.

Local songstress Kim Arrington takes the stage in a new music series called Sing For Your Supper.

Will work for food, meet Sing For Your Supper. The monthly music series — a play on the adage — touts musicians who literally play to eat (ergo support themselves), totaled with the idea of doing a thing (hey, music!) to earn a reward. In this case, the audience is “fed” good music, good vibes and an all-around good time, plus food, giveaways and more to boot.

You’re already into it. We know.

Founded by local singer-songwriter Kim Arrington (of EPs “First Love Note of Kim Arrington” and “Getting II Yes” fame), SFYS is a new monthly music event featuring hers and a different band each month. The Sept. 23 debut (doors 8 p.m., show 9 p.m.) at Hayti Heritage Center in Durham will feature Arrington and All-Nite Public Radio (jazz fusion band founded by husband and longtime music collaborator Victor Moore).

“There are very few music events where a musician serves as a producer and promoter,” says Arrington. “My aim is to remove the barrier between the audience and stage.”

And about that audience — Arrington has struck gold with hers. “[My] audience is always good to me,” she says. “Every time I produce my own shows, people that can’t attend still buy tickets. Usually … 20 tickets. I love donating them. My favorite people to donate to are teachers, people working in social justice or people that I know are having a hard time financially and need a night out.”

Translation? All the feels for SFYS.

Jonesin’ for the good time, we asked Arrington to give us the breakdown on the upcoming series.


ALL IN THE FAMILY: You have never been to a music event like Sing For Your Supper before. Think music event meets family reunion. There will be music, of course. But also games, giveaways, food and lots of crowd participation. Sing For Your Supper has a theme song too.

WILL WORK FOR FOOD: Arrington named her event Sing For Your Supper because the musicians featured are literally supporting themselves — or eating — by performing music. The term “Sing For Your Supper” literally means to do something to earn a reward. She knows the audience will be fed by the good music and good vibes running throughout the event. There will be food served every month too.

FRIENDSHIP: Most of the bands featured are friends of Arrington’s. Actually real friends. It doesn’t take long to become friends in the music community. Some of these musicians Arrington has known for 15 years.

MAKING CHANGE: Sing For Your Supper was a longtime dream of Arrington’s. She pushed the gas on the dream when she and other musicians started talking about their frustration with gigs. “I’ve heard all of the complaints that musicians (including myself) and I went point by point to address, like having to wait to be paid, bad sound, providing food for the band and above average pay for the musicians.”

LOCAL LOVE: Arrington is never going to bring in big-name celebrities to perform at Sing For Your Supper. “Sing For Your Supper is a monthly, music experience live and local. The Triangle is home to world-class musicians who have traveled the world. Those are the people that I want to feature, my friends.”

Event: Sing For Your Supper
Tickets: From $15,
When: Once a month. Doors open @ 8 p.m., show @ 9 p.m.
Where: Hayti Heritage Center at 804 Old Fayetteville Street, Durham


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