A mouthwatering meal for Mother’s Day: Recipes you can make mom at home.

Tupelo Honey's Herbed Panko Fish Risotto.Juli Leonard

Out of all the days of the year, Mother’s Day is the one where you MUST give mom the day off from everything, including cooking (and dishes, too — get scrubbing, kids!).

If you and your family want to have a relaxed meal at home, we have the no-fuss recipes for a meal that is sure to please mom. Read on to plan the perfect meal for Mother’s Day!

Appetizer | Mama’s Pimento Cheese

You have to have something to snack on while putting the finishing touches on your meal! And everyone will enjoy this crowd-pleasing recipe for Mama’s Pimento Cheese. You can even make it the night before and pull it out of the refrigerator once the family gathers around the kitchen in anticipation of lunch or dinner.

Make it: Find the recipe here.

Entree | Herbed Panko Fish Risotto

Mother's Day meal
Tupelo Honey’s Herbed Panko Fish Risotto. Tupelo Honey’s Herbed Panko Fish Risotto. // Photo by Juli Leonard


If you want a decadent-tasting meal that will make you look like you have a lot more skills in the kitchen than you do, try your hand at Tupelo Honey’s Herbed Panko Fish Risotto. You probably already have half of the ingredients in your pantry!

Make it: Find the recipe here.

Side | Pan-Seared Cauliflower with Capers

Mother's Day meal
Pan-Seared Cauliflower with Capers. // Photo by Juli Leonard


Mom’s always reminding you to eat your veggies, so we have a flavorful recipe for Pan-Seared Cauliflowers with Capers for you to try! It’s definitely a step up from a typical vegetable side dish as the cauliflower is enhanced by the flavors of the tomatoes, dill, and, of course, capers.

Make it: Find the recipe here.

Dessert | Strawberry Yum Yum

Mother's Day meal
Farmer Karma Lee of Buckwheat Farm in Apex shared the recipe for Strawberry Yum Yum. // Photo by Juli Leonard


It’s strawberry season, so why not tempt mom with this delicious recipe for Strawberry Yum Yum, a specialty of Apex strawberry farmer Karma Lee of Buckwheat Farm. Delicious strawberry filling is nestled inside a graham cracker crust. Whether you buy berries at the store or pick your own, just make sure you have plenty — this recipe uses an entire quart!

Make it: Find the recipe here.

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