Durham’s Guglhupf has added a bar

After 20 years, German bakery Guglhupf has added a bar. Pascal Monmoine Photography

After 20 years as a bakery and a decade as a cafe and restaurant, German bakery Guglhupf is loosening the top button of its collar and raising a frothy beer mug.

Known for intricate pastries and breads and as a weekend brunch hot spot, Guglhupf is turning its afternoon and dinner service into more of a German biergarten kind of vibe.

In an era of dining where casual is king, co-founder and owner Claudia Kemmet-Cooper worries that evenings at Guglhupf can come across as stuffy. The bakery started in 1998 and expanded to a cafe in 2004, with dinner coming along in 2009, though little about the building had changed. The time had come to shake things up, she said. More than anything, that meant adding a bar.

“I’m a bar diner,” Kemmet-Cooper said. “I think it gives off a more casual vibe. You can’t be a biergarten without a bar. … It’s hard to do if you don’t have a bar. At night it wasn’t right; it didn’t feel right anymore.”

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