Meet your matcha: Here’s where to enjoy all things matcha.

Matcha // Photo by Christopher Smith

Matcha a superfood? You betcha. The super-est. With one of the highest oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) values — a marker antioxidant capabilities — of any superfood, the antioxidant powerhouse is prepared by grinding down the actual leaves.

Translation? You ingest the whole tealeaf. Ergo, you reap 100 percent of its benefits: think boosted alertness, memory, concentration and metabolism; cancer-, virus- and heart disease-fighting properties (matcha contains four times the amount of powerhouse catechin of regular brewed green tea. Gloves on!); better breath and skin; and much more.

So, in essence, the power powder — matcha literally means powdered tea — is a no-brainer. Oh, and jolt junkies, 8 ounces of the green goodness serves up about 70 mg of caffeine compared to 25 mg in trad steeped green tea — without the jitters, since its components slow the release of the caffeine in the body… meaning a longer lasting high (reportedly up to six or seven hours).

Bottoms up! Here, our picks for local matcha sips (and real ones — not the syrup substitute).

Liquid State

Refreshingly rich in antioxidants and simply authentic, this matcha latte is on point – organic matcha powder and milk (almond and soy milk subs optional), in 12 or 16-oz. offerings, hot or iced. Of course, customers can opt for a sweet touch of vanilla or honey. Wanna get back to basics? Try the ceremonial-grade matcha with hot water, whisked to froth (4 oz.).

Raleigh Raw

You haven’t lived until you’ve sipped on a matcha lemonade (iced matcha, lemon juice and maple syrup). There’s no way this sweet-sour symphony of our drinkable dreams is good for you. BUT IT IS. Also delish is the matcha latte (like everything at RR really), which adds maple syrup to the mix (yum!), or you can super out your superfood fix with the turmeric matcha latte (with cold-pressed turmeric and ginger to boot).

Tin Roof Teas

Ahhh, matcha! *link in profile*

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If you want an experience, hit up Tin Roof Teas in Cameron Village for a dose of matcha tea. The top-grade powder is placed in a special warmed stoneware bowl, to which water is added and boiled before the liquid is beaten until frothy with a bamboo whisk. Maybe it is easy being green.

Where’s your favorite place to have some matcha goodness? Tweet the name to us so we can pay them a visit!


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