Slingshot Coffee Company introduces coffee sodas

Slingshot Coffee Co. in Raleigh, NC, is introducing Slingshot Coffee Sodas in Black Cherry Cola and Citrus Vanilla Cream Soda. Slingshot Coffee Co.

While the world reconciles with cold coffee, Raleigh’s Slingshot Coffee Co. continues to push the boundaries.

The company, one of the nation’s standard bearers for cold brew coffee, is getting into the soda game.

After finding success across the country, landing their drinks in Target, Whole Foods and Publix, the husband-and-wife company of Jenny and Jonathan Bonchak just moved into a new 13,000-square-foot brewing facility in the southern part of Raleigh.

Slingshot recently unveiled two coffee-based sodas in artfully printed, stubby cans. There’s a cream soda with orange and vanilla and a cherry soda, each coffee-forward.

In an interview at the new Slingshot headquarters, Jenny Bonchak pointed to century-old soda Manhattan Special as evidence fizzy coffee drinks aren’t as new age as one may think.

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