The stuffed pizza at Nancy’s Pizzeria takes deep dish to another level

Uncle Tony's stuffed pizza is from Nancy's Pizzeria's signature menu in Raleigh. The "thick, round pie has a high, crisp,golden crust ringed around a red sauce center" stuffed with italian sausage, pepperoni, green peppers, onions.Juli Leonard

If you’re from Chicago, chances are you’re familiar with Nancy’s Pizzeria. You probably know that Nancy’s is considered the home of the original Chicago-style stuffed pizza, and no doubt you’ve eaten your share. In moments of homesick desperation, you may even have had a Nancy’s pizza shipped to you — because, short of flying back home (or to one of a handful of other cities where you can find a location of what has grown to be a national chain), that was the only way you could get one.

Until March of this year, that is, when Nancy’s opened a location in North Raleigh. Now, not only can you indulge whenever the craving hits, but you no longer have to try to explain to your uninitiated friends the difference between a stuffed pizza and its more famous culinary cousin, the Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

You can take them to Nancy’s, where they can experience for themselves what mere words don’t do justice to: that a stuffed pizza raises the ante on a deep dish pie — already a behemoth in its own right — by making it even deeper with more fillings, and adding a top crust and a final layer of tomato sauce.

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Nancy’s Pizzeria

8111 Creedmoor Road, Suite 137, Raleigh


Cuisine: Italian

Rating: 2 1/2 stars

Prices: $$

Atmosphere: casual, contemporary

Noise level: moderate

Service: variable

Recommended: meatball trio, grilled broccolini and sausage, stuffed pizza

Open: Lunch and dinner daily.

Reservations: accepted

Other: full bar; accommodates children; modest vegetarian selection; patio; parking in lot.


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