Tips for keeping your home ready for buyers through the holidays [partner]

For many home sellers, the temptation to take your home off the market during the holiday season can mean missing out on motivated buyers. The buyers who are looking for homes during this time of year tend to be ready to purchase. For some, they may have missed out on a home or two during the summer rush or they are beginning new jobs after the 1st of the year. Keeping this in mind, here are a few tips to help you keep your home ready to sell over the holiday.

Provide year round pictures

While the weather outside is frightful, the pictures of your home during spring and summer are delightful. Show buyers what your home looks like during the warmer months. Buyers want to see how the landscape looks in full bloom or what the patio looks like when it is ready for summer entertaining. For those buyers who are coming to your home, leave pictures out for them to see so they can compare with what they are seeing in person.

Keep the atmosphere warm and inviting

One of the benefits of having your home on the market during the holidays is that buyers can picture themselves snug and cozy by the fire or making holiday treats with their little ones. Be sure to keep the temperature of the home warm for a showing so potential buyers don’t get the impression of a cold, drafty house. Also consider scented candles of apple, cinnamon or even pine during a showing to give the potential buyers a reason to want to stay.

Buyers want to be able picture themselves in their new home. Keep the decorations to a minimum so potential buyers can imagine what their home will look like not only during the holiday season but year round.

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