Top 3 home improvements for the best return when you sell [partner]

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There are all sorts of things you can do to put equity in your home, but when you are preparing to sell your home, there are some key improvements you can make to boost the resale value of your home almost instantly.

Update that kitchen

When people go househunting the last thing they want is to step into a kitchen that hasn’t had any improvements done since the 1970s. If your house isn’t nearly that old, it’s important it doesn’t look like it is either. Appliances, fixtures and even tile and counters are a relatively cheap investment when considering your return. These improvements will not only add aesthetic appeal, but also will increase your equity and give you a lot of room to ask for a higher price.

Keep it neutral

Buyers don’t want to walk into a house and be overwhelmed with blue carpet they need to rip out or purple walls they need to repaint. A house on the market should almost be a blank slate, ready for buyers to walk in and see how they can make the place their own with the least amount of expense and effort on their part. Something as simple as replacing carpets with neutral colors and patterns (or even hardwood or composite flooring), as well as maintaining a neutral tone with the paint scheme let the potential buyer put themselves in the mindset of owning that home and letting their imagination run wild with all the possibilities. That’s kind of hard to do when they are staring at lime green carpeting your teen daughter thought was a must-have for her room a few years back.

Curb appeal

When searching for a new home, potential buyers will often search online or even use the tried and true method of picking a neighborhood that they could see themselves living in and just driving through on a lazy Saturday afternoon. If your house stands out from the rest, there is an excellent chance they will look into it further and an even greater chance they will consider making an offer if they like what they see. What’s the best way to do this? Landscaping is a great way to show that the inside of the house has as much appeal as the outside. A well-manicured lawn and special attention put into the details of the outside of the home, landscaping, well-groomed trees and shrubs, or even tastefully done xeriscaping can make all the difference!

Improvements don’t have to be drastic, and your return on a small investment will make all the difference.

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