Comedian Chris Porter won’t talk politics. He says you can watch CNN for that.

Chris Porter.Courtesy of Chris Porter.

Chris Porter stays away from controversial material like the NFL steers clear of Colin Kaepernick.

“I avoid politics and religion and anything else like that which isn’t fun,” Porter says while calling from his Los Angeles home. “I want everyone to come out and see me to have a good time. These are very polarizing times. I don’t want to bring anyone down. If they want to experience what I won’t talk about, just watch CNN.”

When Porter performs Friday and Saturday at Goodnights Comedy Club, guests can expect personal bits. “I like to talk about dating and random stuff like that,” Porter says. “I can make people happy by just talking about how bad my dating experiences are. I just got dumped. We were friends for 12 years. We dated for two months and that was it. I guess I’m like that restaurant you drive by all of the time. When you finally go in there, you realize it’s not so good and you leave.”

Porter could give perennial lovelorn comic Richard Lewis a run for his money in the sad sack department. However, don’t feel bad for Porter, who is enjoying life in Los Angeles much more than he did in his native Kansas.

“I went back to Kansas for Thanksgiving and there was six inches of snow on the ground,” Porter says. “My blood has thinned since living in LA. I had to get out. I love living in Los Angeles.”

Porter talks about his adoptive city during his act. The “Last Comic Standing” alum loves running into Hollywood’s has-beens.

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Chris Porter

Where: Goodnights Comedy Club, 861 W. Morgan Street, Raleigh
When: Friday and Saturday, 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.
Tickets: $22 and $30 Friday, $25 and $33 Saturday
More information: 919-828-5233 ,


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