Saba Taj: 'None of us are free until all of us are free'

Photo by Beth Mann for Early Bird Photo.

The “Black On Black” exhibition in on view at American Tobacco Campus in Durham inside the Reed Building Lobby at 318 Blackwell Street. Sponsored by ArtsNow, “Black On Black” is in partnership with VAE Raleigh. See the exhibition until April 30. 

We spotlight each artist to give a glimpse of who they are and what led them to this exhibition. More “Black On Black” participating artists. 

Note: The exhibition originally appeared VAE Raleigh in 2016. 

Saba Taj | Durham

Went to school at: North Carolina Central University (BA), University of North Carolina (MFA).

Major: Art Education (BA), Studio Art (MFA).

Types of work you produce: Paintings, mixed media collage, clothing, performance.

Art is… my favorite.

Why art matters?

Art is a form of language that can be mobilized to drive social change.

One word that describes you as an artist: Intense.

If I weren’t an artist I’d be a: Art would have to not exist for me to not be an artist.

Why you wanted to participate in this exhibition: I think that the conversation around systemic anti-black racism in this country is incredibly important. As a non-black person of color, and a Muslim, I recognize the need for conversation around how anti-black racism is perpetuated even within marginalized communities. None of us are free until all of us are free.

None of us are free until all of us are free.

Ultimate goal: To keep working and growing as an artist, activist and human being.

Click for more on the “Black On Black” exhibition.


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