What new rides are at the NC State Fair this year?

New rides at the NC State Fair this year: Giant bumper cars, 118-foot ‘Air Raid’ tower and more.

A collection of new rides will join the traditional lineup at the North Carolina State Fair this year and some of them are a lot more to handle than a Ferris wheel. The gates open on Oct. 12.

  • F5: A spinning, pendulum ride with 180-degree motion.
  • Air Raid: A 118-foot tower ride that spins and tips its seats simultaneously.
  • Dodgem Chop Shop: Giant bumper cars.
  • Fun Time Railroad: A kid-friendly ride featuring a train decorated with colorful, lit flowers.

The four new rides join others at the fair including: Alien Abduction, Centrifuge, Cliff Hanger, Delusion, Extreme, Freebird, Khaos, Mega Drop, Orbiter, Rockstar, Sizzler, Tilt-A-Whirl, Zero Gravity, Zipper and more.

For more information on the fair, rides and ticket prices, go to: www.ncstatefair.org.

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